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Grey Duck Garlic is certified organic class=

No Quack Guarantee:

We want you to be happy! If you are not satisfied with your organic garlic we will replace the garlic or refund your money. No hassles or squawking!

Our Organic Certification

We don't just say we grow organically, we are certified organic. This means our farm and operating procedures are inspected, approved and certified organic by Washington State's Department of Agriculture. Sure it takes us extra time and work to meet Washington's strict organic requirements, but we think it is worth it for our customer's peace of mind.

Growing organically requires more than not using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Grey Duck Garlic has sustainable growing practices that improve our soil, create habitat for wildlife, and leave the land better than when we started farming. We take the time to certify our farm so you know you are getting the very best organic gourmet garlic.

Grey Duck Garlic, Patty stands next to organic certification sign


Grey Duck Garlic

We sell gourmet garlic bulbs, superior seed garlic and garlic cloves for planting or eating. Sorry, we are sold out of garlic for the 2014 season. Thank you to all our customers! We appreciate all of you.

Fire damage at Parvin RoadLeft: Our burned hillside. See our fire page for more on the fire that nearly wiped out our farm. It was only due to the combined effects of many talented and brave fire fighters and other emergency responders that Jane and Steve still have a place to live!

At Grey Duck Garlic growing and cooking gourmet organic garlic is our passion.  Our seed garlic varieties are great tasting and easy to grow for the home gardener, commercial grower, and chef. Gourmet garlic has a much wider range of flavor than supermarket garlic. We only grow seed varieties that have been extensively tested and tasted by our family so we can offer you great tasting healthy garlic. 

Right: Beautiful and bold tasting Bogatyr garlic bulbs surrounded by barbwire.Grey Duck Garlic, Bogatyr Garlic Bulbs on a fence

We only sell garlic that has been hand grown by our family on our organic farm. Grey Duck Garlic doesn't sell garlic from anyone else. We want to be able to personally vouch for the quality of our seed garlic. Our garlic has been tested and is certified free of garlic bloat nematode (Ditylenchus dispsaci). To ensure that you are happy with your purchase we offer our No Quack Guarantee: if you are not satisfied we will cheerfully refund your money or replace your garlic.

We hand grow organic seed garlic using sustainable farming practices:

Grey Duck Garlic is a family farm that lovingly grows certified organic garlic (WSDA Organic Grey Duck Garlic, organic gourmet garlic farmCertification #1883).  Growing organically is better for us, the land, and the flavor of our garlic.  Our organic garlic is carefully planted, cultivated, harvested, cleaned and inspected by hand. 

Left: Rows of garlic grow on our organic farm. People often stop to ask what crop is growing out in the field.

We use sustainable growing practices.  Since we live in a dry climate with limited water reserves, we grow dryland organic seed garlic (we do not irrigate our garlic).   We believe that the best tasting garlic comes from thoughtful and respectful production.

We want you to have fun growing gorgeous garlic: Grey Duck Garlic, a plateful of garlic bulbs

Right: What's on your plate? See our new and improved articles on how garlic can erase wrinkles, lower blood pressure, enhance mineral absorption from grains and more! Susan holds a heavy plate full of delicious and beautiful Siberian garlic bulbs.

Buying garlic: Garlic descriptions, photos and prices will help you decide what types of garlic are best for you!  We sell gourmet garlic bulbs, sized clove packs, Farmer's Market planting packs and cooking bulb specials for your planting and eating convenience. We offer a mail in order form for those who like to order and buy garlic the old fashioned way. Grey Duck Garlic also answers common garlic questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. All garlic is guaranteed to make you happy under our No Quack Guarantee.

Farmer's Market and CSA Garlic: Grey Duck Garlic can provide a reliable and safe source of organic seed stock for larger growers. We offer free shipping for orders over 25 pounds. Gourmet garlic is a popular item with farmer markets and quality restaurants.  We have information on selecting garlic varieties and seed clove quantities, why buying cloves can help your bottom line, why buying seed garlic can be a good move and garlic variety handouts to distribute to customers.

Grey Duck Garlic, thermadrone softneck garlic bulbs fresh after harvestGrowing garlic:  These pages offers information for the home gardener and for commercial growers. For new garlic growers and gardeners we offer our First Time Garlic Grower's Guide. We have tips for growing the biggest garlic bulbs and the smallest garlic bulbs, a page just for Southern growers, and handy tips for garlic storage.  See our FAQ page for answers to common garlic growing questions. 

Left: Want huge bulbs? See our Grow Big Garlic page for how to grow giant garlic bulbs like the ones at right!

Garlic Cookbook:  Discover the range of flavors our garlic can offer!  Our cooking pages offer flavor sketches and gourmet recipes to suit each garlic variety.  See out tips for what garlic varieties compliment different ethnic dishes. We offer Cook’s Specials that are designed to enhance your culinary experiments. Check out our garlic cooking tips and find out why our garlic tastes so good.

Garlic marketing: Check out our marketing tips and learn about green garlic. If you are thinking about growing garlic for sale see our tips on navigating the local farmer's market. We also give some tips for women growers.

What is New in 2014: All About Bees, Expanded and Revised Sections on Garlic and Health: including How Garlic Enhances Health, How Garlic Enhances Nutrition, and Why Garlic Kills Germs. In addition to new pages, many of the old pages have been updated and expanded.

I've expanded many sections in a semi-random spurt of industry. Garlic and health has been a hot topic lately and I've chosen some of the best new research to highlight on the website. In addition, our bee section has been expanded to let you know more about the plight of the bees. Insects are one of my favorite topics (my MS is in entomology) and I haven't been able to resist writing about the buzzy little pollinators. Although pollination plays no part in garlic propagation; humans cannot live on garlic alone! Pollinators are a vital part of the ecosystem.

Why garlic can make you healthier: There has been an explosion of great new research in the last few years showing why eating garlic is healthy. Susan has started summarizing this research by expanding old sections and adding new ones. See our mini-scientific articles on how garlic can reduce skin aging and wrinkles, how eating garlic and onions prevents hip osteoarthritis, how garlic can change your genes, and why garlic inhibits inflammation and helps with arthritic symptoms.

Worried about cardiovascular disease? Check out our sections garlic helps firefighter's heart health, how garlic lowers blood pressure, and why garlic lowers blood sugar and reduces cholesterol.

We have garlic references and facts about garlic and good health and garlic's historical use in medicine.

Garlic ability to kill germs is getting its own section. So if you are interested in how garlic can fight off infections and invading microbes see our pages on using garlic to cure MRSA, how garlic obliterates food poisoning bacteria, why garlic inhibits TB, and how garlic may be used to protect baby formula from pathogen contamination.

Garlic enhances nutrition: Garlic helps you get more nutrition from food by regulating iron Grey Duck Garlic, German Red garlic bulb with two free range brown chicken eggsmetabolism and letting you absorb more zinc and iron from grains and lentils.

Right: German Red garlic bulb with two of Ollie's delicious free range chicken eggs.

All about bees: We now have a new bee section on all about bees, what you can do to help bee populations, common bee families, how to tell bees from wasps (and how to control wasps organically), why bees are getting two left feet (figuratively), what may be causing bumblebees to get lost and honeybees to lose their memory, how insecticide exposure may be causing colony collapse disorder, and how harmful pesticides are preventing bumblebees from pollen gathering.

About us: Curious about what type of people would grow and write about garlic? Here are pictures and stories about us: how we got our name and our volunteer community projects.

Sustainable practices: At Grey Duck Garlic we give a duck about the environment! Learn about how we take care to live and grow in ways that improve the land. Find out how to weed like a pro! Teach your cow to eat weeds, learn about ways to attract wildlife to your yard and find out why we don't use chemicals when we grow garlic.

Garlic follies: Read about our 2013 year in garlic, follow our garlic on a photo shoot, learn about the art of Grey Duck Garlic, see if you have what it takes to be a garlic dog or read our tales of Women vs. Weeds

Fun garlic research: Find out how to alleviate garlic breath, read about the rise of garlic smugglers, learn how garlic is combating toxic waste and check out a new species of garlic.

Garlic information: Attend a fun garlic festival, find out whether you should feed your pets garlic, read about the history of garlic, find out the difference between a hardneck and a softneck garlic, or study the ten garlic families.

Depression: I'll be adding some information about improving mental health to the website. Check out the page listing depression symptoms (did you know losing your sense of smell could signal that you are depressed?) I also review a great book on overcoming and living with depression,500 Tidbits of Insight by D. Delaughter.

Gardening: Check out our seed planting guide or learn about kitchen gardens, square foot gardens or container gardens.

Garlic Varieties: Read about garlic varieties in general and get up close with a personal expose of some of our favorites garlic celebrities: Georgian Crystal, Siberian, Romanian Red, Parvin, Lorz Italian, German Red, Red Rezan, Thermadrone, Tzan, Asian Tempest, Chesnok Red and Bogatyr.

Confused by all the garlicky goodness? We have a site map written for humans for you to read at your leisure. If you need something to put you to sleep this might be the dream document you are searching for.

Love Greek yogurt, ice cream and cream? My sister-in-law, Heidi, and I have just started another small website discussing the health benefits of dairy at MooScience.

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